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Prima Food Pte Ltd

Philosophy and Services

Bakery Franchise

  • Prima Food Pte Ltd
    • PrimaDeli Asia (M) Sdn Bhd
    • Confectionery Transformation (M) Sdn Bhd
    • PrimaDeli Franchise (M) Sdn Bhd


  • PFS Pte Ltd
    • Prima Noodle Restaurant Pte Ltd
  • Prima Tower Pte Ltd

Food Manufacturing

  • Prima Food Pte Ltd
    • Prima Taste
    • PrimaDeli Frozen Dough

Associated Companies

Foodfare Catering Pte Ltd

1. Prima Food Pte Ltd (PrimaDeli)PrimaDeli is Singapore's first homegrown bakery and confectionery franchise. It was launched in 1992 with the mission to transform the local bakery and confectionery industry by adopting modern production and management techniques, information technology and strong branding.

2. PFS Pte LtdEstablished in 1991, PFS Pte Ltd (PFS) today operates more than 10 food establishments covering three key areas: fine dining, casual dining and cafeteria operations.Subsidiary of PFS Pte Ltd:Prima Noodle Restaurant Pte Ltd

3. Prima Food Pte Ltd 

(a)Prima TasteWith our experience in food services, PFS has ventured into manufacturing food products. Launched in 1999, thePrima Taste range of Singapore's hawker favourites in ready-to-cook paste form provides food services operators with the utmost in convenience and efficiency.

The food products are manufactured through a collaboration between our team of Master Chefs and Prima Limited's research and development team, thereby ensuring that we always provide excellent taste and superior quality for the food services industry.

Prima Taste, is managed by Prima Food Pte Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Prima Limited. Prima Food's main business areas are food manufacturing and F&B franchising. Prima Food was established in 1992 and has since built a strong reputation for premium quality value-added food products. The company also manages PrimaDeli, Singapore's first home-grown award-winning bakery franchise and the longest running Singapore food franchise. 

(b)PrimaDeli Frozen DoughPrimaDeli Frozen Dough provides the hospitality industry with a wide selection of bread and pastry items in frozen dough form - the answer to saving time and costs and for consistent quality in form, taste and texture. The range includes delectable buns (with fillings), pies, puffs, tarts, breads and cookies.With PrimaDeli Frozen Dough, there is no need to invest substantially in bakery equipment and there is less dependence on special bakery skills to produce quality products with a hand-made flavour.

4. Foodfare Catering Pte Ltd

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