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ERF 05/09/2018 - 04/09/2022

Edutrust: EDU-3-3128
24/04/2018 to 4/07/17
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Tescom Singapore Software Systems Testing Pte Ltd

Philosophy and Services

We are an international professional services firm providing software quality assurance and testing expertise. Since 1990, we have given our clients confidence in the outcome of their system development and implementation projects. We do not create custom software or implement packaged applications but we do make sure they are delivered as promised. 

With over 500 professionals around the globe, we have the experts and processes to ensure that software does its job. 

Software should work the first time and every time. Tescom is here to make sure it does. 

Our Mission is to help our clients achieve their business objectives, powered by efficient and accountable IT systems, through our global software quality expertise and solutions, and become the supplier and employer of choice in the worldwide software quality arena.

 Since 1990, Tescom has provided software quality assurance and testing expertise to help our clients save time and money while producing high quality systems. Our 500 professionals work on mitigating the risks inherent to technological risks of software and IT application development, integration and implementation. If you want your IT project to happen on-time and be within budget, we would be delighted to partner with you!

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