“Mellben Legend Seafood do live up to their namesake and service was prompt.”


“Worth it. Good quality crabs deserves applause and 2nd visit from us. Probably when I come and return the regalia.”


“All in all, I would say that MellBen Legend Seafood crabs have met my extremely high expectations for crabs, and surpassed all my expectations for the other non-crabby dishes. If you are looking for a crab fix, I highly recommend dropping by MellBen Legend Seafood.”


“I love the fact that all their crab tasted fresh and succulent. None of the crabs were powdery or dry and flaky, which, if so, could mean that the crabs weren't fresh. The flesh all came off from the shells easily, and were firm yet juicy. I'm guessing this would be my new favourite for my crab-fix!”