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Company Profile

Incorporated in 1982, KIM has more than 30 years of experience in the design and installation of sanitary and plumbing, fire fighting systems, gas piping systems and installation of hose reel piping. The vast experience and many other factors put us on top with the cream of the industry.

To maintain and excel our present achievement and position in the industry, we fully understand the need of constant developments of value for money product and services for our clients. Be it simple tender projects or complicated turnkey ones, Kim’s philosophy in engaging with them would always be providing the most comprehensive designs with maximum cost-effectiveness, complete with excellent workmanship and timely deliveries to ensure that our clients are well pampered.

Kim’s aim is to maximize our clients’ satisfaction by creating an ever-lasting business relationship with them. We want our client to come back to us again and again.

People in our workforce are among the elites available in the industry. They are a team of qualified, skilled and wholehearted employees, many of whom have an opulence of experience in this field. Continual re-training and upgrading of skills are given to all of our employees to enhance their working abilities. Kim believes that only by doing so, we are able to uphold ourselves at the edge of this competitive industry. Most importantly, is ensures that the most qualified people are handling the projects that are entrusted to us.

We emphasize a lot on synergy and we strive on esprit de corps, which we believe plays a big part in powering our employees to display their fullest potential on the projects. We work and learn from one another like a family. Once a project is “adopted” into the family, it is no longer seen as a job but becomes personal. Every member feels responsible for the result and is fully committed in making the project a success.

We assure our customers that nothing less than 100% satisfaction from them will make our job complete.

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