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Salon Director

London-trained stylist, Andy travels frequently to London, Paris, Tokyo and Sydney for hair seminars and shows, thereby spotting innovations, hair fashion trends and latest products and techniques in colouring. He also specialises in Caucasian hair colour. Clients to Salon Le Point can be assured that they will receive the highest quality hair treatment and personalised hair services.
Creative Director

Overseas-trained stylist, Hazel, has many years of experience, and is known in the competitive hair industry for her passionate and high standards of quality of work. She believes that a trip to Salon Le Point is not only about looking good and portraying the right image; clients will also experience the extra personal touch.
Liz Tan
Senior Stylist

Liz has more than 15 years of experience, a self-motivated stylist with a good skill of cutting, colouring and styling, Japan-trained, influenced by Japanese culture and fashion.
Jeslyn Wee
Senior Stylist

With 18 years of experience in this industry, currently Jeslyn is in the salon operations, outdoor assignments like fashions shows and fashion shoots, specialist in cutting and colouring.
Vivian Toh
Senior Stylist

Vivian has 15 years' experience as senior stylist, Vivian has started with the company for 15 years, she is a well-known blow-drying and technical work.
Kevin Chia
Senior Stylist

Kevin has 10 years' experience, as a senior stylist in salon le point, also assist in salon operations, fashions shows and magazine, specialize in cutting and colouring.
Senior Stylist

With Salon Le Point for 5 years, MAS has attended courses from Singapore and overseas for the latest trends and technique.
Chilli Low
Senior Technician

Chilli has completed MTEC 2,3 and is specialize in colouring, as well as straightening / Rebonding, the management has train her in hair and scalp any lising and also performing intensive scalp treatments.
Suki Chua
KERA Specialist

Suki comes from a background of family hair business, she has graduated from several treatment courses, and she is able to perform any kinds of in-salon hair treatments.
Kent Teo

With 2 years' experience, self-motivated and passionate towards the hair industry, Kent is the next generation the hair industry.