Mini Buffet
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Mini Buffet

Mini Buffet Menu

Price Per Pax for Lunch/Dinner No. of Courses Min. Pax Required Delivery Charges Total
$8.00 6Courses + 1Beverage 25 $35 if Total < $500 $200+$35=$235
$10.00 7Courses + 1Beverage 25 $35 if Total < $500 $250+$35=$285
$12.00 9Courses + 1Beverage 20 $35 if Total < $500 $240+$35=$275
$15.00 11Courses + 1Beverage 20 $35 if Total < $500 $300+$35=$335

LPH Catering is a Halal Certified Caterer in Singapore. All prices are exclusive of 7% GST.


Full set of disposable dining ware, disposable table covers, serviettes, homemade sambal chilli and garbage bags will be provided.

Delivery charges

For mini buffets that have a nett total cost of less than $500, a delivery fee of $35 will be charged.

No table & food warmers will be provided for mini buffet style and food will be served in disposable aluminium trays.

Cash or cheque payment must be made upon delivery and receipt of buffet order. For cheque payments, please make cheque payable to “LPH Catering”.