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Mayson Bakery started in 1983 as a sole proprietorship. The business was then operating from a shop house in Tanjong Katong. Over time, operations expanded and the company was privatized and re-named Mayson Bakery Pte Ltd in 1999. We are now one of the leading food manufacturers that are driven by consumer demand for variety.

Our wide product range, established reputation, proven technical expertise, we are able to provide our customers with quality confectionery products and services. Most of our products have been developed in Singapore specifically to suit the local taste. In addition, we supply to retail outlets, supermarket, franchise bakeries, caterers, flight kitchens, ship chandlers and chain cafés.

Our products are made in line with HACCP specification and are Halal certified.

After nearly 30 years of fine tuning recipes and ideas, Mayson Bakery has a distinct heritage that can be used as a building block for the future.

Since our inception in 1983, we have always sought room for improvement – be it our production process, our cakes and bread, also our service.
Our production lines keep abreast on the trends of the market, updating our menu of cakes and bread constantly. This is done by constantly reviewing and developing our baking techniques to introduce new and better products.

Our Philosophy:

Mayson Bakery is intent on providing a tastier and more varied alternative to conventional bakery products. Our unique bakes and breads, with fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, nut and seeds make them a healthier choice.

We aim to maintain the goodness, aromas and flavors of our products. Presently, Mayson Bakery turns out thousands of fresh bakes and cakes daily.

Our philosophy is to provide a wide selection of premium bakes, hence our philosophy.