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Our Services
Our specialty ceiling portfolio is one of the most extensive in Singapore. We offer an extensive portfolio of suspended ceilings not just for residential locations but for commercial and industrial applications as well.
L Box
The L-box may look expensive since it renders elegance and style to any room, but this is not always the case. Affordable pre-fabricated options are available. If you are searching for a contractor or renovator to put that L-box in the place where you want it to grace your home, you can browse our site and find out if we have the capabilities that you require
Customized partitions are also available and they are made with the most durable materials to ensure longevity and function. Our teams install and manufacture partitions to your specifications,
Lighting Holders
Light holders have a more pragmatic use. Since an interior space contains people who go about their daily activities, the quality and amount lighting that they receive would determine the quality of the work and interactions that they are involved in. And we offer set-ups that cost much less than you expect.
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