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Firms dealing in Secretarial services will be able to advise you on the type of outfit suitable for you. They will do the necessary registration on your behalf. You can try Serviced Offices to quickly set up a local presence while building your main team.
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1.  Newspaper Advertising
2.  Art Publisher
3.  Book Distributors
4.  Book Binding
5.  Home Bookbinding
6.  Bookbinding Equipment
7.  Bookkeeping Service
8.  Book Distribution
9.  Calligrapher
10.  Colour Card
11.  Comic Book
12.  Copying Service
13.  Copying Machine
14.  Copyright & Trademark Services
15.  Desktop Publishing Services
16.  Editorial Service
17.  Law Book
18.  Magazine Distributor
19.  Magazine
20.  Magazine Dealer
21.  Magazine Subscription
22.  Newspapers
23.  Printing and Publishing
24.  Commercial Directory
25.  Book Publishers
26.  Directory Publisher
27.  Electronic Publisher
28.  Publishers
29.  Non-Fiction Books
30.  Periodicals Publisher
31.  Publishing Consultant
32.  Educational Publisher
33.  Internet Publishing
34.  Publishing
35.  Product Photography
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Marketing and Advertising
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Child Education
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