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Booking a tour package is a crucial part of any holiday. To find a good deal for the destination you want could demand an arm and a leg - prices can shoot sky high and the experience could fall short of your expectations! However, at CS Travel, they only provide the best for their customers. There is absolutely no fuss, no hassle, and definitely no exorbitant prices. With over thirty choices of countries to go to, ranging from tours in Beijing and Taiwan all the way to Scandinavia and Greece, there is definitely something for everyone. And that’s not all - you can expect top notch service with a smile. What’s not to love?

How does a relatively small business like CS Travel stay up on the ladder in the travel industry and still continue its’ steady climb towards the top? With such intense rivalry in the industry with over 500 travel agents and a few especially big players on the field, one must wonder how they do it. Here’s the big secret: they focus on customer service. Attending to their customer’s needs and making sure they’re happy is one of the things that CS Travel pride themselves in doing. They take care of everything; from airfares, meals, attractions, travelling, the overall experience, and finally, their secret weapon: customer service. So very simple but so often neglected in this line, CS Travel has managed to win over the hearts of their customers as they keep coming back, bringing more and more relatives and friends each time.

CS Travel teaches us that there is so much more to business than just pricing and marketing. With the right attitude and a strong motto in the company, there is sure to be a clear path to success. Price competition in the travel industry is an endless competition, with companies clamoring over each other to get their customers. CS Travel finds that the best way to be successful in this industry is to strike a balance between good deals and good service. It is understood that the focus of travel agencies should not be on price alone and whether they can give a good deal to their customers, but also on providing good customer service. CS Travel has perfected this well, believing that it is about delivering what the customer needs at the right price. It is not uncommon that most companies in the industry forget the about service; because people, especially in Singapore, rarely go on holidays. This leads to the thinking that there is not much need to provide a good service, since customers will only return two to five times in a year. However, it is definitely something not to be overlooked! Most of the time, booking any affordable tour at a normal travel agency will give you a substandard hotel. This is completely not the case at CS Travel, who offers 4 to 5 star hotels, along with low fares. There is simply no excuse to make CS Travel your choice to take care of you on your next destination.

Whether you are seeking cheap flights, five star hotels, great sight-seeing or the best customer service around, CS Travel does not disappoint.
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Chinatown Point #03-09/10, 133 New Bridge Road 059413
Tel 6534 1188
People's Park Complex #02-06, 1 Park Road 059108
Tel 6221 1188
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