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White Coffee Origin

White coffee is originated in Ipoh, the capital of Perak, Malaysia. During the early 50’s, the local residents’ tastes had revolutionized into white coffee taste backed by popular demands. The Ipoh local coffee roast-masters developed new method of coffee roasting. The new method was to skillfully control the coffee roasting process to perfect temperature, right timing, and best airflow regulation to avoid burning of the coffee which is crucial in reducing the bitterness of the coffee. Low temperature coffee roasting was used to produce coffee with lighter color which basically derived the name “white” coffee by the locals.

This coffee produces sensational stimulation to coffee lovers essentially from its smooth but rich tastes of the finest origin taste of coffee and the combination of the strong aroma. This coffee was then being popular and spread widely among the local residents and it has now become well known worldwide as the Ipoh white coffee. The South East Asia coffee culture has since then made a significant difference with this penetration of Ipoh white coffee into the consumer markets, what a great oriental flavor.

Daniel’s White Coffee is made with quality coffee beans of Arabica, Robusta and Liberica along with selected skim milk and sucrose. They are then roasted under low temperature to produce coffee beans. To meet with different requirements and tastes, combined the art of making and drinking coffee from the East and West, we have created several flavors of white coffee to satisfy the taste buds of individuals. We uphold the best coffee and only serve quality coffee to our customers. We are constantly in the development of creating new and improved formula of coffee flavor. Our smooth, pleasant, aromatic and tasty white coffee are hard to be forgotten.

Daniel’s White Coffee is stringent in our quality control and manufacturing process and this also including the selection of coffee beans, roasting technique, packaging and delivery. This has made the Brand a household name in the market.

491H Tampines Street 45, #08-242 HDB Tampines (S) 527491
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