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Servotronic located only at Sin Ming Autocare is set up by Philip in year 2000 after he have left Audi, Volkswagen agent. Our workshop specialise in repairing Audi, Volkswagen and Skoda car. At Servotronic, we are equipped and trained to give customers the best quality, service, and advices at reasonable rate, customers are given the assurance that only original and OEM parts are used. You have earned the luxury of a VOLKWAGEN, AUDI, and SKODA. Let’s us help you maintain it.

We believe happy customers are our finest asset and the most excellent advertisements by recommending others to us. As such, customer satisfaction is the heart of the organisation; to ensure that all customers are delighted with the services received, from the mechanics performing the checks on the vehicles to Philip advising the customers on their vehicles’ conditions. Our team also enjoys great satisfaction on providing solution to problems and in return forging a unique friendship with the customers.

Our Certification & Awards:

They specialise in servicing and maintaining cars such as Voklkwagen, Audi, and more. They offer grooming services as well.
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Products & Services


  • Regular Oil Change Service Using Castrol Fully Synthethic Engine Oil.
  • 60km Full Service. Replace Engine Oil, Oil Filter, Air Filter, Fuel Filter, Brake Fuild, Air Con Pollen Filter, Spark Plug, Gearbox Oil.
  • Check Front And Rear Brake Pad Thickeness.
  • Check Engine Oil Or Coolant Leaking.
  • Check Undercarriages And Battery Condition.
  • Pre-inspection Check For Second-hand Vehicle.

Engine Repair

  • Engine Repair And Maintenance Services.
  • Remove And Install Engine To Carry Overhual.
  • Replace Original Piston, Conrod Assy, Gasket, Bearing, Timming Chain, Timming Chain Guide, Tensioner, Water Pump And Coolant
  • Upgrade To Forge Pistons

Gearbox Repair

  • Check Gearbox
  • Replace Mechantronic, Double Clutch

Air Con System

  • Use Machine To Check For Air Con
  • Replace Air Con Compressor, Evaportor Coil
  • Top Up Air Con Gas And Flush Air Con System

Accident Repair

  • Spray Whole Vehicle
  • Polishing
  • Knock Dent And Spray Accident Portion

Diagnosis Equipment

  • Use Diagnosis To Reset Service Light
  • Use Dignosis To Check Engine Light, Esp, Abs, And Gearbox Fualt Code.


  • Engine repair & maintenance services
  • Including changing of auto transmission oil, spark plug, air filter, fuel filter, air con pollen filter
  • check the front and rear brake pad thickness & inspection for leaks or damage
  • check and repair air con system for malfunction


  • upgrade of S5 big brake kit
  • suitable for A5, A4
  • replacement for original and performance suspension set


  • Installation & spray paint
  • Conversion of headlight and bumper to S-line


  • remapping of ECU
  • Ko4 turbo kit for GTI


  • Upgrade of exhaust pipe


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