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Our Shabu-Shabu
しゃぶしゃぶ Shabu-Shabu
For our signature dish "Shabu-shabu", we selected 3 kinds of high quality Wagyu Beef(USA Wagyu, Oumi-Wagyu) and Kurobuta Pork from Japan with our 2 original sauce (Sesame Sauce/Ponzu).
Please keep some space as we recommend Ramen with your soup Shabu-shabu.

すきしゃぶ Suki-shabu
We create our original hot-pot menu "Suki-shabu" (the taste is similar to Sukiyaki). There is "Warashita" Soup which is a soya-based soup with a hint of sweetness, where the thin slice of meat is dipped in the same manner as "Shabu-Shabu". You can enjoy dipping with fresh raw egg with this.
We recommend Plain Rice or Udon with the soup after "Suki shabu".

やきしゃぶ Yaki-shabu
For our original "Yaki-shabu" (The style is similar to Yakiniku-BBQ), we prepare 2 kinds of Wagyu from Japan with our original sauces (Ponzu with Raddish / BBQ Sauce / Salt / Wasabi). You can enjoy these one on hot plate as you like.
We recommend Rice or Mentaiko Onigiri Cha-zuke (rice with spicy cod egg roe with soup) after "Yaki-shabu".

塩モツ鍋 Motsu-nabe / Beef Offal Hot Pot
"Motsu-nabe" is one of the most popular Hot Pot (Nabe) in Japan which is made from beef offal. We create special clear bonito soup to match collagen-rich offal for your Motsu-nabe.
Do try cooking Ramen inside your hot pot after your Motsu-nabe session. It is highly recommended at the end of your dinner.
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