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What is Electromagnetic Therapy (EMT)?

Electricity and magnetism have always been part and parcel of our natural environment, although most people are completely unaware of it. All life systems have interdependence between electricity and magnetism which are created by the movement or oscillation of energy.

Symptoms of ill health have been viewed in Western orthodox medicine as due to chemical imbalances that need to be suppressed by invasive (drug) therapies, but if the traditional fixation on chemistry alone can be cast off, the symptoms can be seen as caused by upsets in the fine balance of the body's bioelectrical or energy system. This is something that was well understood centuries ago, particularly in the East, where practitioners of "energy medicine" developed effective health models based on the restoration and maintenance of balanced and harmonious energy.

All therapies that work on and recognize the significance of a balanced energy system can be classed as electromagnetic therapy; however in this particular context we take electromagnetic therapy to mean therapy that specifically employs therapeutic magnetic fields generated by electrical currents.

Over recent decades there has been growing scientific research and understanding of how cells in the body are affected by these unseen energy forces that can travel through space and matter alike. Electromagnetic therapy comes in various forms and in many applications but all aim to stimulate change at a cellular or neurological level or re-establish an equilibrium or harmony by delivering some type of magnetic pulse.

The use of permanent solid or static magnets is developing increasing popularity, however it is worth nothing that although they both obviously share a number of common properties, electromagnetic and solid magnet therapies are not the same and their applications are based on different principles.

What is Emtech Electromagnetic Therapy?

All complementary therapies involve some aspect of electromagnetism; it is the basis of the holistic healing systems that have been known and practiced for thousands of years, particularly in the East. The concept of restoring and maintaining a balance of an individual's subtle energy system is central to most therapies and Emtech electromagnetic therapy is no different.

Emtech Electromagnetic Therapy involves a combination of 4 types of energy potentials. Unlike any other electromagnetic therapies, Emtech uses High electric, Magnetic, Heat and Infrared energy source to influence the body energy balance. It is a holistic approach to stimulate the mind and body's own healing response that may result in spectacular outcomes, as well as the maintenance of health and well being.

Emtech is a harmless therapy and can be used on its own or used synergistically with other therapies or treatments. Many therapists in various field have been using Emtech PZ100 to provide patients with enhance complementary therapy and obtain remarkable results.

Emtech PZ 100 Series

Model Ultimate: 20,000V

Features :
- Simplified Digital Buttons
- Auto Timer
- Thermoxibustion- Heat Control
- PEMF button to eliminate Magnetic Potentials if required

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