Accountancy Services

Accounting Services

We are accounting firm deploying qualified accountants to provide Professional, Personalised & Prompt accounting services to serve your needs (i.e. be it to meet submission requirements to authorities or to have reliable accounting reports to manage my business, etc)

We have a dedicated team to serve the needs of companies from a wide spectrum of industries ranging from Air-Conditioning, Automotive, Management Consultancy, Educational & Training, Food Industry, Freight Forwarders, Hardware, Interior Design, Insurance Agencies, Investment Holding, IT Industry, Jewellers, Manufacturing, Publishing, Restaurant, Wholesales & Trading Etc.

Our services

1. We can close your accounts monthly, quarterly or yearly

2. We will deliver below accounting reports
- Profit and loss statements
- Balance sheets
- Trial Balance
- Debtors ageing report
- Creditors ageing report
- Bank reconciliation
- General ledger
- Other reports as deemed required

3. We prepare the accounts according to the Singapore Accounting Standards and Companies Act.

4. Preparation and submission of GST Return (GST Form5) to IRAS

5. Provide consultancy and advice on your business performance, whereby you can get an independent opinion on the performance on your business operations.

6. We can advise you on how to keep your documents so that your documents will be neat and tidy. For our valued clients, we will also provide an excel template (designed by us) which is tremendously useful for the record keeping purpose.

7. Provide timely reminder on the relevant deadlines

Do give yourself a chance to call and find out more from us before you outsource accounting services to anyone!!! Also, give yourself a chance to compare our accounting service fee. (We will do our outmost to advise you and NO obligation at all)

Tax Services

Today, it is critical to engage professionals to provide the tax services. IRAS has been very strict on the tax compliance. Even hawker centre business owner could get into trouble with IRAS for submitting wrongful tax return.

Our services

1.Submission of Form C & Appendixes to IRAS
2.Prepare tax computation
3.Prepare tax planning
4.Filing of ECI to IRAS annually
5.Attending to tax queries raised by the tax authorities and replying thereto
6.Provide timely reminder of deadlines

Company Incorporation / Strike-off

Company Incorporation

There are a lot of advantages to setup a Pte Ltd Company in Singapore. Firstly, a private limited company generally project an image of reliability, trustworthiness and confident.

Moreover, a new company can enjoy significant tax saving because a new company entitle to a full tax exemptions for the first S$100k of taxable profit.

Our services

1.We can help to incorporate a Pte Ltd Company by preparing the below-mentioned:-
• Apply and reserve company name
• Submit the application of company incorporation to ACRA
• Prepare Resolution for the First Director Meeting
• Prepare Form 45 for consent to act as director
• Provide 1 copy of Memorandum of Article & Association
• Provide 1 copy of business profile

2.We will advise you on the things that your company have to consider before and after Company incorporation. (i.e. Annual submission requirements, duty & obligation of directors/shareholders etc.)

Company Strike Off

Striking off/close down a company can be a complicated affair. If a company is NOT struck-off/close down, then the company MUST continue to submit the accounts or tax to the relevant authorities.

Our services

1.We can help to strike-off a Company by preparing the below-mentioned:-
• Prepare the director’s resolution, EGM etc documents for the Company Strike-off purpose
• Obtain tax clearance in advance
• Perform online submission to file the strike-off application with ACRA

2.We will advise you on the things that your company have to consider before and after strike-off

MYOB Accounting Software

With more than 15 years of experiences, we have helped countless of our clients to implement MYOB accounting system. Our clients in Trading, Restaurants, Air-con Servicing, Manufacturing, Education, Freight forwardings, Wholesales and distribution etc have benefited tremendously from MYOB Accounting system.

We specialize in selling MYOB software, in 2 ways:

1. Selling MYOB software licences (Cheapest in Singapore-Guaranteed)
A.MYOB Accounting (Version 18)
B.MYOB Premier (Version 12) (with either single or multi-users)
C.MYOB Premier Plus (Version 12) (with either single or multi-users)
D.MYOB Payroll (version 2)

2. Selling MYOB software licences + implementation services
C.Opening balance migration
E.User supports

We are committed to bring you the MYOB solutions that WORKS for you.

Auditing Services

We deliver our auditing services through our affiliated CPA firms who are specialized in the auditing work.

The audit will be performed in accordance with the requirements of Section 207 of the Companies Act, Cap. 50 with the objective of expressing an opinion of the accounts.

The audit will be conducted in accordance with Singapore Standards on Auditing (SSAs). Those SSAs require that the auditor to plan and perform the audit to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the financial statements are free of material misstatements.

The audit work includes examining, on a test basis, evidence supporting the amounts and disclosures in the financial statements.

Financial Statements Compilation

Those Singapore private limited companies which enjoy audit exemptions are still required to prepare the “Financial Reports” in line with the Singapore Financial Reporting Standards (FRSs) and Companies Act.

This “Financial Reports” would need to be submitted to relevant authorities such as ACRA and IRAS.

Our services

1.In order to ensure that the company is not against any rules and regulation, our professional accountants can help your company to prepare the financial reports which includes the following:-
• Directors’ Report
• Statement of Directors
• Statement of income
• Statement of Financial Position
• Statement of Changes in Equity
• Statement of Cash Flow
• Accounting Policies
• Notes to Financial Statements

2.Prepare Financial Reports in line with the Singapore Accounting Standards and Companies Act (Which is to be submitted to ACRA and IRAS)

3.Provide consultancy/advices in regards to the company accounting matters

4.Provide timely reminder on the relevant deadlines