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Aerial Fitness

About Aerial Fitness

Aerial Fitness
includes the use of a range of Aerial Circus equipment to develop strength, flexibility, spatial awareness and ability to perform at height. It's a fun and an amazing workout.

Think circus, acrobatics and gymnastics. if you have missed out on learning these crafts in your younger days, it is still possible to soar high with us at Acro Polates. What's more, it is fun, you attain more fitness benefits, gain confidence and you make new friends with equally passionate people.

Aerial Hoop
Also called the Lyra is a circular steel apparatus suspended from the ceiling, on which circus artists perform aerial acrobatics. Learn to sit, pose and transit from one acrobatic move to another all while suspended from a height.

Aerial Silk
Also known as Aerial Tissu, involves training from a special fabric suspended from the ceiling. Besides attaining the other benefits of hoop and pole, you also learn grace, elegance and expression. In short, you learn aerial artistry.
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