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MOHH currently undertakes strategic initiatives for MOH and the public healthcare institutions. These include :

  • Common employment of junior doctors to ensure effective allocation and training of our medical manpower;
  • Developing a national IT framework for Singapore’s public healthcare sector;
  • Providing a system for joint recruitment of healthcare professionals for Singapore’s public healthcare institutions;
  • Developing and operationalising a talent management and HR framework for the entire public healthcare spectrum;
  • Optimising selected finance-related functions within the MOHH Group, such as central treasury;
  • Providing corporate advisory and support to MOHH’s subsidiaries, and creating a corporate development system to support future organisational developments in the MOHH Group; and,
  • Providing strategic and operational Board secretarial support for MOHH’s Group of entities.

The healthcare institutions within MOHH are divided into five broad clusters. They include Alexandra Health Pte Ltd, the National Healthcare Group, Jurong Health Services, Singapore Health Services and the National University Health System. Other subsidiaries include:

  • Integrated Health Information Systems (IHIS), the consolidated entity of IT resources of the different restructured healthcare entities, and
  • Singapore Clinical Research Institute (SCRI), the research entity that will take on the role of supporting translational research in Singapore.
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