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General Component Liontray-Cable Support System Liontray support the type of cable consisting of: Cable Tray, Cable Ladder, Cable Duct / Trunking, Wire Tray Material choice: STEL Hotdip Galvanished finishing sheet, Electro Galvanished, Powdser Coating, Epoxy Paint, Enamel Paint.sedangkan for other materials meggunakan stainles steel, and aluminum, including using PVC. Accesories Ladder - Liontray Accesories Tray - Liontray Accesories Cable Support system - Liontray How to Order-specification code Wire Tray-Liontray Straight Wire Tray Srtaight Wire Tray-Liontray 50H Accesories Wire Tray - Liontray
Tentang Kami

PT.LION METAL WORKS, TBK as leading steel manufacturer in Indonesia, for the best quality of steel products,Cable Support System:
1.Cable Ladder
2.Cable Tray
3.Wire Tray
4.Unistrat Chanel
5.Cantilever Bracket

There are several kinds of material used LIONTRAY:
1. Steel: Hotdip Galvanised, Electro Galvanised, Powder Coating, Epoxy and Enamel Paint
2. Aluminium
3. Stainles steel
4. PVC

with more more than 30 years of experience in steel fabrication, we have know how in the manufacturing of LIONTRAY Cable Support System

Produk & Servis

1.Cable tray:

- Perforated Tray Flange type

- Perforated Tray U type

- Cable Duct

- Cable Trunking

2.Cable Ladder:

- Ladder Inward

- Ladder Outward

- Ladder Profile

- Ladder W type

3.Wire tray

- Wire rod Stainles Steel

- Wire Rod Electro Galvanished Steel

- Wire Rod Hotdip Galvanish steel

4. Chanel Unistrut:

- Single Chanel

- Double Chanel

5. Support Type:

- Brace Cantilever Bracket

- Beam Cantilever Bracket

- Wall Cantilever Bracket

- Concret Cantilever Bracket

- Hanger Rod System



Cable Support System for Project:

1. Industrial

2. Oil and Gas

3. Power Plant

4. Mining and eksploration

5. High-rise building