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Capricci is proud to announce its opening on the sunny shores of Singapore, with the aim of providing diners with the opportunity to explore Italian cuisine at its finest.  The latest offering on the food and beverage scene, this Italian restaurant will not be anything that Singaporeans are accustomed to.


The brainchild of a mainstay in Singapore’s social scene, Massimo Aquaro, Caprrici is founded on the hedonistic idea that the dining customer should be able to enjoy his dining experience according to his whims.  Meaning “caprices” in English, the aptly named restaurant intends to fuel the imagination of its customers by offering a wide variety of options in the taste spectrum and a unique experience that the customer will not forget.


As one would expect from a restaurant started by an Italian passionate about his food, the kitchen uses only natural ingredients.  This means that there is no monosodium glutamate (MSG), preservatives of artificial flavourings or anything of the like in Caprcci’s creations.  The restaurant is committed to creating a culinary experience its customers will keep coming back for, through using products of the finest quality and excellent service.


Taking over the previous space of the Italian restaurant Oso Ristorante, Capricci is located within close proximity of the city centre and the Central Business District of Singapore at 27 Tanjong Pagar Road.  With set lunches priced attractively at $28++, business executives no longer need to wait until weekends or special occasions to savior the fine taste of Italy.

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As a good Italian place, Capricci also offers separate appetizers.The a la carte menu is simple, with more than enough choices to suit, and if youâ??re looking for value.
Great traditional Italian food here at Capricci. Warm hospitality, cosy ambiance and competitively priced.
Have some italian food over at capricci, Their food is best paired with the wines that they recommend. Love their setting that brings out the cosyness of the place. check it out
The waiter/waitresses are very attentive and we are pampered throughout our meal. The food itself is not bad. The ambiance is pretty good too. Their lava cake is a must try!
Nice italian cuisine at reasonable rates! :)
What drew my partner and myself to this cozy fine dining restaurant, Capricci is the $39++ for a set dinner menu for an italian meal drew me and my partner to Capricci. It’s a 3 course set dinner - starter or soup, main course and dessert.

It’s located conveniently at one of the row of shophouses along Tanjong Pagar Road. The interior design of the restaurant was very elegant and classy. We felt very comfortable and cozy in the restaurant setting.

Service was attentive, presenting each dish at its best. The menu had a wide spread of choices and we had a hard time trying to decide on the choice of order. They provided complimentary warm bread basket, served with good quality olive oil.

For the starter, I had Polipo alla griglia (grilled octopus), Costolette di agneslo (lamb cutlets) for main and Panna cotta with strawberry for dessert. All 3 items taste WOW! Of which, the lamb cutlets stood out the most.

The 3-course set dinner is definitely worth a try, and I will expect to be back again to try the other dishes.

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Capricci, Italian dinning & more. Besides Italian dining, Capricci is also ideal for parties, celebrations & holding events. Capricci is fairly new (about 8 months) but it has already established a good reputation in this F &B industry.

Step into Capricci, I felt a sense of welcome & warmth. The restaurant adopts a fine-dining ambience, with dimly-lit lanterns, providing a relaxing atmospshere.

Complimentary Bread

Few pieces of Focaccia bread with olive oil & balsamic vingrette. The bread came warm,soft and moist, just the way I like it. There were some black olives and sliced capsicums in the bread. It was not too bad.

Melanzane alla Parmagiana ($16++)

Layers of sliced eggplants with melted mozarella in between, baked to perfection. The tomato sauce that comes with it is home-made therefore it taste naturally sweet and fresh. The skin of the eggplant slices are crispy as they were being deep-fried before being baked. Basil pesto sauce drizzled at the side, simply lovely! I fell in love with it & would definately come back for more.

Tagliolini Pasta with zucchini, groper and Saffron Sauce ($22++)

Saffron is a spice derived from the flower of the saffron crocus. It is expensive and used for colouring food and just a little would be enough to colour food.

The Tagliolini pasta is very smooth and has a QQ texture. The Zucchini is very crunchy and they actually made an effort to peel and slice it evenly. Paparika powder sprinkled at the sides added a nice touch.

Chilli from Sicily

When they present this chilli on my table, I was a little surprised. Pasta and chilli taste a little weird to me. Do not be deceived by it’s appearance. The chilli is fiery hot & spicy, it sent my tongue dancing after trying just a little. I didn’t dare touch it.

However, some critics said that the Chilli is not to be missed in Capricci. I tried having a second try with my pasta and it was actually not too bad. But, I would still prefer without it.

Massimo, the restaurant manager of Capricci is very hospitable and friendly. He explained the different dishes to me and seeked my opinions of the food. He made an initiative to find out the customer’s preference and tastebuds.

I think restaurant managers should learn from him to make an effort to talk to the customers to find out about their opinions and suggestions for improvements

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One of the best Italian food I ever had. Every dish has its own unique taste and simply delicious. Highly recommend
Traditional Italian fare and hospitality tuned to individual whims of guests. Must try are the Pistachio Crusted Lamp Cutlets, Fresh special Homemade Pasta and Chocolate Lava cake. opening hours:11:30am-3pm(lunch)/6:30pm-11pm(dinner)