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Cayman Management Consultants is a professional consultancy firm that provides an impressive array of corporate services such as incorporation of company, business administration and corporate secretarial services just to name a few. Incorporated since 2005, our distinctive advantage in this thriving industry lies in its firm association with legal entities and audit firms. At Cayman, we adopt a holistic approach in our business philosophy and ensure that it can contribute to the overall experience when you deal with us.

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Products & Services

Corporate Services
Cayman Consultants will assist you in registering a Company name, advise you on the various Company structures, assisting you in various license or tax registration matters to even get your employment pass for yourself or your employees.
Cayman Consultants believes in giving our clients an all-rounder support so that they are able to run their companies with an ease of mind.

Company Formation (Business Registration)
To register your company, Cayman Consultants will reserve a company name and handle all the essential pre-incorporation and post-incorporation documents & formalities. After registering your company, we will open a corporate bank account for you and design a company kit which will consist of an Memorandum & Articles of Association, the Company profile, a company seal, company stamp and share certificates.

Employment & Executive Work Passes
Employment and Executive Work Passes
Employment Pass
Personalized Employment Pass (Popular!)
Entre Pass (For Real Business Owners)
Training Employment Pass
Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate (Recommended for Employment Pass)
Dependant’s Pass
Long Term Visit Pass

Legal, Tax, & Accounting
In a fast paced environment it is essential to focus on your core business rather than worry about your accounting problems which will drain a lot of your time and cost. Cayman Consultants can on the other hand provide flexible accounting services on either a quarterly, monthly or yearly basis depending on your choice at our corporate rate. Cayman Consultants can also provide you with reliable and certified professionals who will ensure that your accounting records are always updated and accurate.
Furthermore, having one of the best Legal systems in Asia, the Company’s Act is very strict with how businesses operate in Singapore. Owners must be well informed of the procedures and regulations or risk being in the in the bad books the law. As your consultant, we will also be providing you with the much needed legal support that would be especially helpful in making sure that the Company is well protected from suppliers, clients and adhering to the procedures.

Citizenship & Visa Application
Citizenship, PR & Visa Applications
- Singapore citizenship
Singapore being a safe and developed country with excellent education and medical facilities is one of the best countries to live in. Cayman Consultants will provide qualified applicants with detailed advice and assistance in applying for Singapore Citizenship and PR Applications.
- European citizenship
If you are also seeking for citizenship in any European country, our experts have the right knowledge to guide you through as well. These include passport programs that will be of great use for visa free travel around the world.
*please however check with your embassy if you can apply for dual citizenship

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