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Geographical Information Systems (GIS) allows users to envision the geographical aspects of a body of data. Users can query or analyze data and receive results in the form of graphical maps. Since many kinds of data have important geographical aspects, GIS applications have many applications: logistics planning, sales analysis, resource management, performance benchmark etc.

TRACE™ is an extension of SD’s Geographical Information System (SPACE) which incorporates a range of GPS tracking devices that enable users to monitor on a real-time basis the location of its workforce and assets.


Trace is an enterprise fleet management and tracking solution designed and managed by Streetdirectory Pte Ltd. With over 20 large scale implementations, this off the shelf solution is readily deployable in the following scenarios.

Fleet management activities can be classified as follows:-

Pre-event planning
  • Formation of team structures and calculation of planned routes
  • Simulation and briefing to convoy teams prior to event
  • Detailed analysis of route
Real-time operations
  • Real-time fleet monitoring
  • Event management
  • Team co-ordination
  • Advance contingency planning
Post review operations
  • Historical replay of events
  • Performance Benchmarking
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