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Streetdirectory offers a suite of specialized software applications which relies on the company’s interactive raster-based digital datasets. The products and services featured are established solutions which have been deployed by numerous organizations in Singapore and the Asia Pacific Region.

These applications can be deployed as “out-of-the-box” facilities solutions or as dedicated facilities with the addition of customized modules.

Our products and services cater to the following key markets:
The public sector:
Government ministries operate islandwide and often have the need to manage facilities and assets which are geographically dispersed.

Streetdirectory has deployed both stand alone solutions on a department basis as well as complete enterprise solutions which are used by multiple divisions in the organization. These solutions help provide a standard platform for information sharing and planning.
The private sector:
Regardless of the size of your company, Streetdirectory can tailor a solution to meet operational needs. Streetdirectory relies on its existing portfolio of proprietary applications as well as open standard software to provide relevant solutions to a business problem. Basic solutions include standard API’s which can be integrated seamlessly into your corporate application.