Streetdirectory Pte Ltd. provides consulting services which give government agencies customized utilities that are built upon existing IT investments.

Streetdirectory is able to provide specialist consultancy services to government agencies that have made prior investments in various open standard GIS software. These include products from MapInfo, MapObjects, Integraph, Geomedia and SDE.

Our consultants and engineers work on a daily basis with these applications as most of our raw datasets are based on open standard vector formats.

Area of experience include
  • Feasibility Assessment and System Prototyping of web-enabling of current GIS
  • Read and manipulate data of various GIS formats
  • Conversion of stand alone GIS into web enabled GIS applications
Applications maintained include

Property and Facilities Management

Land Use Planning and Zoning
  • General plan mapping and analysis
  • Zoning mapping and case tracking
  • Demographic analysis and mapping
Public Safety
  • Emergency response and recovery
  • Crime analysis and Emergency response routing