The location-based services sector is a niche segment in the industry. Being as both a content provider and technology specialist, Streetdirectory is able to offer the following key advantages:

Cost Efficent and Rapid Delivery
  • GIS software and updating of digital mapping databases are bundled under a single license
  • Streetdirectory has available systems and function which have been developed specifically for planning and analysis; and are deployed in numerous private and government organizations. This eliminates the requirement for extensive customization.

  • Raster-based mapping techniques (JPEG format) enable easy export of information into standard windows facilities such as Excel and Powerpoint.
  • Streetdirectory has proven via its web portal and GIS solutions that its raster-based approach is viable and is widely accepted and preferred by the general public.
  • Streetdirectory's solutions are based upon Microsoft Window's thus making it easy to learn within a short period of time.