Streetdirectory manages a wide variety of graphic and contextual databases which are utilized in our various location-based solutions. These datasets can be adjusted to conform to the requirements of 3rd party GIS systems or proprietary systems utilizing standard data formats. The following datasets may be purchased in raw form or integrated in your solution with the necessary professional services.

1 POI: Points Of Interests Listings

Points of interest listings are managed through regular surveys, database verifications and feedback from users at

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2 Geo-tiff database Geo-tiff’s are raster-based images with tab files that indicate geo-references. These are scaled images which may be imported into various GIS applications that support raster formats.

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3 Address point listings and geo-referencing Streetdirectory is an authorized reseller of address point listings provided by SingPost Streetdirectory provides additional value added services by geo-referencing these databases using standard WGS Lat Long projections.

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4 Streetdirectory Residential Listings (with residential type classification breakdown) Through partnerships with real-estate agencies, Streetdirectory is able to provide analysis on the types of housing units by classification.

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5 Vector Zone Demarcations Streetdirectory is able to provide standard or customized zone demarcations in the following vector formats.




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