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Q : How do I go about tracking my vehicle and what would I require?
A : To monitor vehicles using Webtrace. You will require :
1. A GPS tracking device
2. A valid GSM Sim card with GPRS connectivity
3. An internet terminal
4. An active account on Webtrace.
Q : What are GPS limitation(s)?
A : Currently GPS devices require a clear line of sight in order to obtain a more accurate reading. Structures such as tall buildings, metallic objects, sunscreen filters and even the weather may prevent the device from obtaining an accurate Latitude and Longitude position. Current GPS tracking facilities operate best on open roads and freeways.
Q : What are the costs involved if I want to track my vehicles?
A : The operational costs of monitoring assets via Webtrace are:
  •  GPRS charges from your telecommunications provider. The charges are affected by the frequency and rate of polling. The more frequent you access real-time GPS data, the higher will be the GPRS usage. Please refer to Polling Matrix for more details.
  • Subscription costs to use Webtrace
Q : What is the difference between Trace and Webtrace?
A : Trace is recommended to enterprise organizations with larger fleets/assets and who require dedicated facilities for data management and control centre reporting. Webtrace is a centrally managed facility hosted by Streetdirectory that allows users to track assets online. Webtrace caters to smaller fleets and retail users.