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Q : What is the source of your maps ?
A : Streetdirectory obtains location based data through primary surveys, purchasing highly detailed satellite image from Spot Asia and through feedback and updates from customers and web citizens.
Q : How do you keep them updated and what is the frequency of update?
A : Information is gathered on a regular basis and is most frequently updated online as information is managed centrally. Scheduled updates online are on a quarterly basis. As a standard, dedicated onsite facilities are updated annually. Should your business require more frequent updates these arrangements can be made with specific focus on datasets that are relevant to your operations.
Q : What is unique about Streetdirectory ’s solutions?
A : Streetdirectory relies on a unique raster based image management system that provides users with highly appealing graphic map images which are easy to use and reference. Our maps have intelligent properties which allow users to perform powerful location based analysis.
Q : There are errors in your map(s), how do I go about reporting this?
A : Should you an update or error which you wish to report, we will be glad to record them and will revert to you once and update has been made. Report an update.