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Through a wide selection of products ranging from miscellaneous daily goods to food, cosmetics, home décor and traditional Japanese arts and crafts, together with amazingly low prices, Daiso endeavours to bring pleasure and satisfaction to its customers

love shopping at daiso. you can find almost all yr household needs at just $2!

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25 Nov 2012 18:42:50
Products & Services

Daiso offers a variety of products, ranging from household goods to hobby materials, stationery and school and office supplies, at the amazingly low price of 100 yen (about 1 dollar). This wide selection of goods derives from our desire to absorb and meet customers’ needs.

Daiso offers around 70,000 products, nearly all of which are original products developed by Daiso through repeated trial manufacture with customer satisfaction uppermost in mind.


Daiso has expanded its product lines and number of shops on such a scale that it can no longer be categorized solely as a 100 yen shop. It is now so well established as part of everyday life that it has become the destination of choice for the purchase of daily commodities. Our aim is to develop and sell products which are of true value to our customers by focusing on originality and quality.

ION Orchard #B4-47, 2 Orchard Turn 238801
Tel 6634 7801
Chinatown Point #B2-02, 133 New Bridge Road 059413
Tel 6509 9533
Bugis Junction #03-01/27/28, 200 Victoria Street 188021
Tel 6259 5112
Plaza Singapura #05-01/02/03, 68 Orchard Road 238839
Tel 6884 9210
Parkway Parade #03-26B, 80 Marine Parade Road 449269
Tel 6348 9837
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love shopping at daiso. you can find almost all yr household needs at just $2!
after long time, i went to Daiso again and found my favorite snack got new flavour ... sweet potato . so i bought it :) . Must try !! :)
just bought this from Daiso......just $2 can get my favorite snack, Pretzel :)
with many different and wide variety of goods sold , Daiso is the place to go to buy your items @ only $2 per item !
Daiso is my favorite store :D .. you can find many kind of products here and the price just $2
Everything in this store is costs $2. They offer an unbelievably wide range of products from household items to clothing. You'll be quite amazed at what $2 can buy you from this shop.
Daiso sells almost every thing, including bath towels, drinks, tissue paper and water bottles at a very extremely low price of $2. Very fun to shop at!
All the products are from japan n sold at a flat price of $2 each ! The black charcoal wash is recommended. I like to buy little storage containers n a4 size zip bags .
when you across this popular word Daiso, you will think of their $2 selling concept, i come here to buy food items which are difficult to get from other supermarkets, and the price is so affordable. do i have to remind you? its $2 only!
daiso is the nearest i can get to japan as of now. im in love with their bento supplies and cutesy girlie pouches and the fact that it's only $2! The day daiso reopened at PS' level 5, i walked 4 rounds and bought like a whole chunk of stuff!
very interesting departmental store where you are billed *2 for how many items purchased. simply take anything for 2 dollars excpet for the cashier box :P varities of items for household and personal garage.
$2 $2 everything selling at $2. You won't see me out of the shop at least one hour later or longer!
Simply love shopping here where you can find everything and anything for only $2.
Everything is $2! Where can be cheaper and more affordable then this?
Adding up the total cost of your purchases requires little effort as all the items in Daiso are priced at $2. It sells a variety of items such as snacks, decoration, stationery even clothes. It sure is an interesting store to visit.
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