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About Us
We comprise a team of highly skilled multi discipline professionals, offering a wide range of Underwater services and specializing in all methods of inspections, maintenance and repair. We offer a full range of services and dedicated personnel to the inshore / offshore marine industry, providing services using diving and rope access method of access. We also provide fast passenger and cargo boats and support crafts for both In Ports Limit and Off Port Limit uses.

Today, we have achieved on average 400 logistics jobs in a month, and 400,000 safe dives and counting. With a strong commitment to provide a safe working environment for our colleagues as well as quality services to our customers, we are always looking to improve our business processes. We have done so by providing IRATA certified rope access training courses, and currently we are pursuing the development of advanced ROVs which will take divers out of the water.

In the port of Singapore, Dive-Marine prides itself for being the top name associated with underwater ship-care work. Trusted and endorsed by an extensive clientele of shipping companies, we strive to provide the best services.