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About Us

Welcome to Elpis Financial Pte Ltd

Elpis is presently one of the largest Financial Advisory firms in Singapore, with over 100 Financial Adviser Representatives serving client's financial needs from all walks of life.

Core Business (MAS Regulated):
7 well-established Insurance Companies and 3 Investment Platforms:

core business

Products & Services

Generic Financial Services that cater to Individuals & Corporations

Financial Planning - Financial Planning is an integral part of the process towards achieving financial goals. It involves analysing Your financial situation and objectives, assessing the risks and formulating how and what steps need to be taken to achieve them.

  • Education, Retirement & Estate Planning/ Property, Business Loan & Refinancing - Are You concerned with how You will save for retirement while paying for Your children's school tuition fees? Or how You will hold up the roof over Your head while keeping pace with inflation? These remote but important life time goals can be made manageable and conceivable through the astute use of financial instruments. Elpis Financial makes it our business to provide, over and above financial instruments, in-depth analysis and sound advice through our Advisers.
  • Provision for hospital and medical expenses- Many people, probably including You, have some form of H & S (Hospital & Surgical) insurance, but are not fully aware of what their insurance policies actually provide. At Elpis Financial, we can help to clarify and ascertain that You have the full range of cover that You desire.
  • Investments - Every financial act is an investment; from saving money in the bank to buying Your house or paying for Your children's education. Elpis Financial is able to offer services to manage, plan and track Your risk tolerance, financial aims and needs and so manage and execute Your investment plans.

Integrated Financial Solutions - Elpis Financial offers flexible and dynamic plans constellated from a broad range of products to manage Your finances effectively. Elpis Financial can help You build up doable financial solutions which speak to Your unique financial situation.

Wealth Management - Wealth management is most effective for long term investment. This involves the negotiation and coordination of Your multiple financial plans and portfolios towards the effective utilisation and growth of Your wealth.

General Insurance - All other insurance needs, such as simple motor insurance fall under this category and we have the expertise to arrange the cover.
Presently, Elpis refers Clients to a General Insurance Provider based on an introducer agreement.


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