3 Ways To Prepare An Absinthe Drink

One of the greatest things about the absinthe drink is the traditional way that people over the years prepare it. Some people have come up with their own custom ways of making it, but when it comes down to it their are only three real ways to prepare an absinthe drink. Let me show you how the absinthe drink is prepared and then you can decide how you like to drink it and what tastes the best for you.

Unlike regular alcohol, the absinthe drink requires a little more time to prepare than your ordinary vodka and tonic. Part of the reason is that some people find it very bitter to drink straight and need to add some sugar to sweeten it up. Adding this sugar to the drink is not what you think. You don't just pour it in and stir it up. Some people do a ritual involving a special spoon made just for absinthe to mix the sugar in.

There are hundreds of way that people will tell you how to drink your absinthe drink, but here are the main three ways to prepare it. I suggest that you experiment with your own style and find what works best for you after you learn the traditional methods.

The Modern Style

The modern style is really not that complicated at all. Basically you just put together an equal amount of water and sugar (or you can substitute coke) to absinthe and mix it up and drink.

The French Tradition

The French tradition of preparing the absinthe drink is a little more involved and time consuming. First you pour the absinthe into a shot glass and you place the absinthe spoon over the glass. Now you place one or two sugar cubes over the spoon and slowly drip ice cold water over the sugar until it dissolves into the drink.

The Czech Tradition

This is similar to the French tradition of drinking absinthe, but a little more dangerous. First you pour the absinthe drink into big glass. After this you take the absinthe spoon and stir the drink and than take the wet spoon and dip it into sugar. After this you light the spoon on fire and let the sugar caramelize. When the flame dies down you put it in the drink and stir and then add some water.

Whichever way you choose, there are many ways to make an absinthe drink. By learning these three methods you will be an expert at the art of drinking absinthe in no time.

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