Absinthe: Gives you a taste unlike anything else!

Absinthe has returned to existence. After being absent for a century, the absinthe drink is back afresh. Like other alcoholic drinks, absinthe as a drink is a much maligned lot. Many of social ills affecting the turn of the century was attributed to absinthe. Absinthe was caught unawares when a ban was thrust on the drink in early 20th century.
Early aspersion attached to the drink
Absinthe has had some bad reputation sticking to it. It was said to cause a variety of bad effects. Before it was banned, the drink was complained of as causing convulsions, hallucinations and even death. Certain effects can be attributed to the high percentage of alcohol in the drink. The effects of genuine absinthe are almost the same as that of drinking any other alcohol, only stronger.
A large share of the blame has to be placed on the way some people produced the drink. There is a time honored way of making the drink. But instead of following this tradition, some people diverted from it and started experimenting with its recipe. They began adding substances on their own to the drink without caring for the consequences. Some of these substances proved to be toxic and proved dangerous for anybody who took it. Drinking such absinthe in large quantities brought unanticipated misery.
Drinkers started getting convulsions. Many people died after taking it. Others were subjected to hallucinations and maniacal behaviour. The drink was altogether deemed unfit and dangerous for health and banned from society.
Revival of absinthe
Medical science was at a fledgling state in 1900's as compared to the modern era. Facilities for testing of chemicals were not as advanced as it is now. The ban was lifted after suggestions that the drink was not as harmful as previously thought. It was thought fit to be taken responsibly.Some changes have been made to the original recipe of the drink.
The drink is not as alcoholic as it was before. Earlier alcohol levels were as high as 75%. It has been considerably reduced as a measure of making it more safe to drink. Stills the effects of the drink are stronger than most drinks.
It is commonly believed that the effects of drinking absinthe is unlike the effects of drinking other alcoholic drinks. This has to be because absinthe is essentially made from herbs. Many herbs like wormwood, anise, fennel and hyssop go into the making of the drink. These herbs lend their taste and aromatic qualities to the drink. This makes the drink special and unlike any other. Even a small portion of the drink is enough for it to start taking effect.

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