Absinthe Liquor or Liquid Ecstacy? You Decide.

Ever since the fall of the Iron Curtain and the dissolution of the Soviet Union more and more people are adding highly potent Czech absinthe to their liquor cupboard. What is it about this new type of exotic booze that is 160 proof and contains some other substance that adds to the intoxicating effects of the double dose of alcohol that it contains.

The truth of the matter is that once people have tried it they tend to like it and while not addictive, it can easily become a great routine. The other active ingredient in absinthe is called "thujone" and it comes in varying degrees of potency depending on the brand or type of absinthe you buy.

The better quality absinthe that costs you few more bucks tends to have a reliably high amount of thujone. Absinthe with its high alcohol content and added thujone "kick" has gained a well earned reputation over the past couple of hundred years for its effective "stimulating" properties.

Artists have used it while they did their thing, musicians have used it while they did their thing and now the word is out that lovers are now using it when they "do their thing". As it turns out absinthe is now being touted as the new liquid ecstacy, because of its rapidly growing reputation as the stimulant of choice for romantics everywhere.

Thujone is a psychoactive substance that in high doses can cause hallucinations but in the quantity that is contained in absinthe leads to an "uplifting experience" without the wild hallucinations. Thujone is perfectly safe and won't leave you with a dry mouth or headache, so you needn't worry about that and by far the vast majority of people who have experienced its intoxicating effects report it as being a positive experience.

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