Absinthe - What Is Absinthe And Can I Legally Buy It?

Absinthe is one intense beverage. It is different from other spirits and liqueurs in many ways, most notably in the high alcohol content and the presence of thujone.

Absinthe is a distilled alcoholic spirit (not a liqueur) derived from herbs and flowers, including the leaves of the plant wormwood (Artemisia absinthium). It is generally a deep green color with a bitter taste. The ingredient that gives absinthe its "extra boost" is thujone, which occurs naturally in wormwood.

Absinthe’s commercial origins date back to the late 18th century and is thought to have originated in Switzerland as an elixir. It became hugely popular in the late 19th and early 20th century in France, mostly among artists and writers, such as Van Gogh and Oscar Wilde. Like many intoxicating substances, it became vilified as a highly addictive, psychoactive drug.

In the early 20th century it became banned in Europe and the United States, even though there was no evidence to show it as being more dangerous than regular alcohol and spirits. It was thought that thujone was responsible for all the ill-effects caused by absinthe.

So can I legally buy it? Yes, you can legally buy absinthe!

Although absinthe is illegal to sell in bars and liquor stores, it is currently 100% legal to purchase and possess in the United States and Canada. In most of Europe, absinthe may be sold as long as it contains 10 mg or less of thujone.

So if you are in the USA, you have to purchase absinthe by some means other than from your local liquor store or bar. Another great use for the internet.

There are many different absinthe sources to purchase from, but only a few make absinthe the original way, without any additives or substitutes. You can learn where to get the best absinthe products and accessories from the site below.

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