Alcohol effects on human beings

Those individuals who casually consume alcohol or consume alcohol in moderation are not prone to certain effects that are somewhat common to those who "binge" drink or consume alcohol quickly. Individuals who consume alcohol quickly often have problems with blackouts as well as memory lapses and other problems. When alcohol is consumed quickly the large quantity of alcohol does not have the opportunity to absorb into the body. However studies have shown that the alcohol effects of consuming the beverage too quickly differ in men and women. Primarily due in part that men's metabolism is different than that of women's.

In many tests its been determined that the alcohol effects on the brain range from slurred speech and the individual not being able to concentrate, focus, or think clearly; to the individual not even knowing his or her own name or address. Those individuals who have been consuming alcohol for quite some time can even have problems with his or her memory, while others actually need assistance to do some of the basic everyday functions in life. The impairments of the brain caused by continuous alcohol consumption only get worse and medically there is no cure.

While women are more apt to have blackouts that men when consuming alcohol quickly; men are not immune to blackouts, the large quantity of alcohol still affects the body just at a different rate. Also, those individuals who have experienced blackouts or different types of "binge drinking" are susceptible to have this be a recurring experience whenever he or she consumes alcohol quickly.

In studies done, consuming alcohol quickly is compared to having more than four eight-ounce drinks within an hour's time. The overall alcohol effects when drinking too quickly can essentially have very risky end results. The risk can also be greater with an empty stomach as well. With no food in the stomach there is ultimately nothing to absorb the alcohol content either. Although men usually eat more than women; men are usually apt to consume more alcohol at one time that women do.

There are many signs that an individual has consumed too much alcohol into his or her system. These are obviously signs of intoxication, however these are also symptoms of the alcohol affects on the brain.

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