California Liquor License

When obtaining a California liquor license, business owners must obtain approval on both the state level and from their local municipality. This double application requirement often creates far too much work for most people to handle. The process is time-consuming and highly involved..

A main step of the process is the state application. A California liquor license application must be filled out correctly, other wide an honest mistake can cause the applicant to start all over again. And in a worse case scenario, mistakes have been known to cause a total denial of the license.

Another important requirement is the on-site survey requirement. Here again, errors can hold up the California liquor license process, causing costly delays. Needless to say, for a novice, this process can be overwhelming.

In addition to the state filing, the applicant must then also file with the local municipality where the business is located. Here again, it is critical that the application be handled correctly. As most city filings involve a public hearing, having the right help can mean the difference between success and failure.

. Once both applications are accepted, the applicant is one step closer to getting a California liquor license.

The time frame to get a license can take from 2-6 months, but sometimes, due to protests, the time frame can be even longer.

If you need information on getting licensed, call us at Amlex. We have over twenty five years helping customers with the application process to obtain the permit they need to sell alcohol. Our expertise and contacts, at both the state and municipal level, often helps speed the process along, often at a much quicker pace than individuals doing their own paperwork can accomplish.

One-on-one solutions: From a simple sole proprietorship to the most complex business entity “regardless of your structure” an American Liquor License Exchange liquor licensing consultant will tailor a custom solution for your unique business operation.

We have the knowledge necessary to guide you through your California liquor license application. Those who go through the process on their own know that when they make one minor mistake, all of their paperwork can get sent back by the state. That can cause a delay in acquiring the permit necessary to sell alcohol.

If you want to obtain a California liquor license, there is only one company you can trust. At Amlex, we have made a name with the state officials who handle permits. They know we have the knowledge to get the process done correctly the first time, every time. We are a company they trust.

For more than 24 years, Amlex has been assisting businesses with their alcoholic beverage licensing needs. Join the thousands of businesses who have come to Amlex to help them navigate through the many state and local government liquor licensing requirements.

Our staff of experienced professionals are dedicated to providing you the highest quality service at competitive prices.

For more information, visit us online at You can also call us toll free at 1-800-711-2114 ext. 350.

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