Common Alcohol Myths Revealed

Do You think you know everything about Alcohol? Well, here are the facts behind some common misconceptions about alcohol.

1. Champagne bubbles make you more drunk.

TRUE. Champagne bubbles open your pyloric valve through your intestines and move the alcohol into your bloodstream quicker. The carbon dioxide in the bubbles helps alcohol flow through the body at an accelerated pace. This in turn helps you get intoxicated much quicker.

2. You lost inhibition after a few drinks.

TRUE. Alcohol relaxes your blood vessels. Alcohol also can dilate your blood vessels.

3. Wine is the only good drink for the heart.

FALSE. While wine is known to relax the heart and help lower cholesterol levels, it has also been proven that beer helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Three glasses of beer a day reduce the risk of heart disease by 25 percent.

4. Beer gives "Beer Bellies".

FALSE. There is no fat in beer. Beer is even 93 percent water. There is no evidence that beer consumption promotes a belly more than any other source of calories. Beer bellies are caused by high levels of body fat, not high alcohol consumption.

5. Beer makes you dehydrated.

TRUE. Beer causes you to become bloated, thus not giving you enough room to stay hydrated. Beer also causes you to urinate more, thus becoming more dehydrated.

6. Alcohol kills brain cells.

FALSE. Alcohol only damages the neurons. The body can repair neurons but not back to their natural state. Studies have shown that alcohol consumption can even help reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease.

7. Alcohol ages.

TRUE. Alcohol dehydrates your skin, which causes wrinkles. While the alcohol is in your body it'll stimulate water retention, however line formation can come from the absence of that water.

8. Mixing drinks makes you drunk faster.

FALSE. The blood alcohol content of drinks makes you drunk, not how many. So you may mix whatever drinks you like, the alcohol content will get you drunk not how much fluid there is.

9. The more you drink, the greater your tolerance.

TRUE. The more your liver is exposed to alcohol, the harder it works against it. Your liver can be damaged by alcohol, thus reducing it's ability to breakdown alcohol before it enters your bloodstream.

10. Alcohol only helps your heart.

FALSE. Alcohol also strengthens your bones and prevents against osteoporosis, gallstones, ulcers, kidney stones, cancer, and diabetes. Alcohol also can helps reduce stress in most cases.

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