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Dom Perignon champagne is a sparkling wine made in France. The area where it’s made is about 1 hour travel from Paris, and it is the only area where Champagne, the wine, can be produced. The first commercial sparkling wine was produced in the Limoux area of France around the year 1535. You can say that sparkling wine was not invented; no-one knows who first made it.

Dom Perignon, the man, was born about 1638. His full name was Pierre Perignon. He was a Benedictine Monk at the Abbey of Hautville near Riems in France. Wine was already being made in the Champagne region for centuries before this time. Dom Perignon's legacy to the entire world was a procedure for production of Champagne. Dom Perignon died in 1716. His famous statement "I see stars" was uttered upon his first taste of Champagne.

Dom Perignon is the well known cuvée of the famous Moët et Chandon Champagne house. Dom Perignon, the Champagne wine, was first produced in 1936. Moet et Chandon which purchased the Abbey of Hautville 120 years earlier produced a super cuvee which celebrated the Monk's who made it. The Champagne is only produced in exceptional vintages; in 2 styles, the Brut and the Brut Rose and in 2 sizes, 750ml bottle and 1.5 Liter bottle. The name has become synonymous with class and stature. Sustained in part by the Hollywood glamour, this extremely well marketed brand has developed a worldwide reputation in all countries across the globe. In most vintages it has proved to have a quality above average and therefore is in huge demand. The 1990 vintage is generally admired as an exquisite Champagne.

A gift of Dom Perignon champagne will express what only the best and fine things will do. You can send Dom Perignon Champagne gifts for birthdays, thanks, congratulations, New Years, holidays, engagement occasions, weddings, special anniversaries, Mothers Day, or any other occasion or holiday you can think of. Champagne deliveries are also ideal for corporate and executive gifts. There are special gift packages for this kind of occasions, consisting of champagne, flowers and sweets, in specially designed decorated baskets. If you are thinking to make such a gift, you will find many companies providing such services for their clients.
If you want that your champagne would make a special gesture for someone or for a certain occasion, your gift set can be personalized at your request.

And, definitely, Dom Perignon champagne is the definition of exquisite luxury and taste. Such a gift doesn’t need any other words, it can speak for itself.

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