Getting The Most From Your Champagne

Champagne looks chic, tastes great and is always a favourite at parties and celebrations. But because of that, there is a certain amount of pressure to "get it right". So follow these simple tips below and you’ll be impressing your guests in no time.

Champagne to start:

Champagne is a great choice for welcoming people and it really helps to get the party started. However, as much as it may seem right to keep the Champagne flowing, try not to go overboard. If you are entertaining, your guests will probably be drinking on an empty stomach and having too much Champagne will kill their appetites. Stick to one or two glasses each. And, even better, serve it with canapés.

Champagne and fish – a winning combination:

Champagne also works really well with food – particularly fish. So next time you are serving sushi, oysters, crab or scallops, think about matching it with a glass or two of dry champagne. If you like a slightly sweeter Champagne, save your bottle for fruit, such as strawberries or melon.

Experiment with your champagne:

There’s a lot to choose from when it comes to Champagne and you’ll find that if you stick to a well-known champagne you’ll pay a premium for the name. If you fancy a change (and saving your purse), why not try an unfamiliar brand or sparkling wine? Just because you’ve not heard of the name, doesn’t mean that the taste won’t be as good!

Know what you like:

When it comes to Champagne, the key is to find out what you like. There’s no point buying a brut (very dry) Champagne when you prefer a sweeter (demi sec) style. And if you are a Rosé fan, why not try pink Champagne for some stylish, fancy fun?

Serving Champagne:

Serving champagne is the easy part. Place it in the fridge just 45 minutes before serving and it’ll be ready to pour. Don’t be tempted to leave it any longer, as the Champagne will loose its taste and smell.

Stock up for a toast:

Champagne is the number one choice when it comes to any toast. So whether you are celebrating a marriage, birthday, anniversary or New Year, you can’t go wrong with a glass or two of the bubbly.

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About The Author, Louise Truswell
Louise Truswell has been working in and writing about the wine industry for a number of years. Champagne is the drink for parties and special occasions, so now you know how to get the most from your Champagne, why not take a look at the range on offer at Virgin Wines.