Have You Tried The New Gin?

Gin is definitely on the "comeback" trail when it comes to the palates of U.S. consumers. From 2005-2006, high end gin purchases increased a whopping 18%! Gin sales totaled nearly 870 million dollars in the U.S. Of course, Vodka sales totaled nearly 5 billion dollars, but still a hefty increase. Experts have noted a dramatic increase in the use of gin in martinis over vodka as compared to the 1990's. So why this increase in popularity for a beverage that has been around for centuries? Probably because there are so many new gins in the marketplace.

Although gin's primary flavoring agent is juniper, every distiller adds an individualized recipe of herbs and flavorings. Coriander, angelica root, cardamom, cassia bark, orris root, carraway, anise, fruit peels and others vary greatly in flavor and intensity. The trend now is moving away from Strictly juniper to others that showcase a wider variety of the flavor spectrum. Tanqueray No 10 was one of the first gins to bring citrus to the forefront, and it really was a smashing success! rangpur, a Tanqueray creation, has integrated limes from India to brighten it's flavor harmonies. It would seem that the citrus influence has had a particular appeal to the younger generations of gin drinkers.

Gin has truly become an international pheonomena, with popular entries from New Zealand, France, and Estonia. The flavoring agents hail from around the globe as well. Vanilla from Madagascar, nutmeg from Indonesia, cassia from Southeast asia etc. etc.Even dry London gins, long time the standard for the beverage, has received challenges from Dutch Gins, the authentic genevers. They are aged in wood and have a bold taste due to their malt base. The newer genevers have adopted a cleaner, more modern style.

Gin is a wonderfully versatile addition to any home bar's assortment of distilled spirits. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of a gin martini, or the wonderfully refreshing taste of a gin and tonic, it is no surprize that gin has attracted a whole new following of ardent admirers.

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