How to Mix and Drink Absinthe

When it comes to the actual drinking of absinthe one thing that you will find is that it isn't even mentioned in any cocktail recipe books. You can find a few drink recipes online but they are just recipes that people have recently arrived at through experimentation. There is a traditional method of drinking absinthe that involves the drizzling of cold water over a cube of sugar that is contained in a spoon suspended over a small glass of absinthe.

It seems that when a thick sugar solution is carefully dripped into absinthe it causes it to cloud as it reacts with the oils in the absinthe. If you wish to drink it this way you really don't have to go through all of the fuss with the spoon and sugar cube. Simply mix up a saturate solution of sugar in a small glass and then spoon it out as you need it. As for mixed drinks, you are most likely going to have to create your own using your favorite beverages.

Absinthe is generally 160 proof which means that it is 80% alcohol by volume which is pretty strong considering that that is twice the amount of alcohol that whiskey or vodka contains in it. So, when you mix it, it will logically have twice the amount of alcohol in the drink you make when compared against other types of liquor you have mixed drinks with in the past.

It is for this very reason that a great majority of absinthe drinkers generally end up taking shots of absinthe after it has been allowed to become ice cold by leaving it in the freezer for a while. Some people like to "chase" their shots with a good swig of a carbonated beverage such as 7up to rinse out the strong licorice taste from their mouth. So it is up to you how you drink your absinthe and if you come up with any good drink recipes be sure to share them with others.

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