If You Think Alcoholism Is Not A Disease, Think Again

Alcoholism is a disease (a relatively recent definition) that is indicated by a progressive addiction toward the intake of alcohol . There are many measures of alcoholism, from simple "When was the last time you had five or more drinks in a session?".to "Do you regularly drink alcohol? Alcoholism is only one type of an alcohol problem. Alcohol abuse can be just as harmful. Alcoholism is a serious disease just as drug addiction is. While you may not think that being addicted to alcohol is as serious as being addicted to heroin, it can still affect your body in ways you never even thought of.
Alcoholism is harmful for your health as well as for your family and social life. There are some warning signs that are indicative of alcoholism. It is a disease for which there is no treatment in the form of food, pills or drinks. Naltrexone is one form of drug given to alleviate the cravings for alcohol, but it doesn't work for ever, and the patient must have support and understanding and follow a program to improve their outlook on life to have much of a chance of staying sober. Alcoholism is not confined to the metropolitan areas, however. Many are the housewives in the better areas who drink all day long while the hubby is away.
This disease is characterized by a constant or periodic intoxication, although the pattern of consumption varies markedly. Individuals admitted for the first time to an alcoholism treatment center typically have been consuming 34 oz (80-100 g) of pure alcohol per day, corresponding to seven to nine drinks or bottles of beer or glasses of wine. Alcoholism is a disease in which the afflicted individual compulsively drinks alcohol . This intense craving results in the inability to manage control over the urge to drink. It is the most wide spread addiction in america and according to statistics every tenth adult is consuming alcoholis some form or fashion.

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