So Many Great Vodka Drinks And So Little Time

Thanks Russia

Russia is credited with giving vodka to the world and it is traditionally drank straight in an unmixed form there. Americans however, prefer that a liquor have a little more flavor in it in order for it to be consumed without a mixer. While traditionally vodka is derived from distilling fermented potatoes, today it is commonly made from a number of fermented starches or sugars including corn and sugar beets.

So Mixable

Some of the most popular drinks made with vodka include the White Russian, which is made from vodka, cream and coffee liquor. The Salty Dog, which is vodka and grapefruit juice in a tall glass rimmed with salt. Also, the Vodka Tonic, which is simply vodka mixed with tonic soda is quite tasty.

Measure it Carefully

When making vodka drinks, it is important that the vodka be measured carefully, as each drink is mixed. This is because the mouth acclimates to the taste of the vodka quite quickly, so if you are using your taste buds as a guage, you can easily end up with drinks that are far too strong.

Flavored Vodkas

Flavored vodkas have recently began appearing on the market and some of the most popular of these are the fruit flavored vodkas. Vodka can range in price quite dramatically, with cheap stuff going for as low as $4 a fifth and more expensive import brands costing as much as $40 a fifth. The truth is however, while cheap vodka can have an odd after taste, very few people can tell the difference between a popular mid-range $10 a fifth vodka and the best expensive imports.

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