Tequila Gril by La Parrilla in Cancun

Tequila Grill by La Parrilla in the hotel zone of Cancun, the exquisite taste of Mexican cuisine to grill

The Enterprise group La Parrilla, introduced the newest member of the family located at Kukulkan Plaza in the Hotel Zone in the country's main tourist destination, Cancun

Tequila Grill is a Restaurant by its menu, an exquisite variety of Mexican dishes, with the unique of Group La Parrilla and has achieved marked by its 32 years of experience in Mexican cuisine.

Tequila Grill is part of the innovative concept of "Tequila Hacienda" that consists of:

1.-A room in which is displayed in different languages and explains the process of drawing up the drink that characterizes Mexico in the world, Tequila

2 .-The Mexican craft is widely recognized by themselves and strange, for his colorful, detailed design and meaning among many other features, but our visitors will be able to acquire and enjoy the beauty of the fine pieces created by artisans from various regions of the country, the highlight of Oaxaca, Puebla, Guerrero and Jalisco, also have the most extensive variety of tequilas in the Yucatan Peninsula, offering visitors the option of choosing between different brands of Tequila, it is worth remembering that only observe the varied designs and colorful bottles containing this drink is already a true delight.

3.-In Tequila Grill, offer diners a warm and pleasant environment where they enjoy Mexican food, beautiful decor that we traced to the kitchen and dining room of a Mexican Hacienda, accompanied by the traditional Mariachi, all this with the standards of quality and service that have led to the Group La Parrilla repeatedly to get the National Award for Best Mexican Restaurant. Tequila Grill has a capacity of 70 people and operates in hours 12 noon to 22 pm and is located on the top floor of the Kukulcan Plaza Km 13 of the Hotel Zone of Cancun.

Tequila Grill, an experience that you only have to see to enjoy the taste, we hope.

Plaza Kukulcan, local 237, 2º. Nivel, área del food court, Tel: 8 40 65 83

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