A Head on Your Beer, or a Beer on Your Head?

This article will give you a little bit of information on how shampoos work to clean your hair. When your hair is at its dirtiest it will contain skin flakes, dust, salt and oil. What the shampoo has to do is break all of this down and pull it away from your hair. Since water cannot do this on its own, you need the shampoo to do the job. Modern shampoos contain a soap-free detergent that actually reduces the surface tension of water and allows it to move into the small crevices in the scalp and hair shaft. As well, oil can build up on your hair and the detergent in the shampoo emulsifies oil up so it can be easily washed away.

It’s interesting to see how many different ingredients you will find in a typical bottle of shampoo. If you like a nice, thick shampoo, salt is used for the thickening, and in order to maintain the pH of your hair, citrus acids are added. Fruit extracts will actually draw moisture from the hair and thereby assist in hydrating your hair.

In some shampoo compounds you will actually find egg that adds protein, and will stick to the porous areas of the hair shaft. In some of the specialty shampoos, beer is added as it coats the hair shaft adding body and shine. Other than adding a pleasant scent, perfumes perform very little function. Remember also that most manufacturers will do almost anything to sell their product, sometimes with little regard or care put into the manufacture of it. Remember to purchase a shampoo that is especially formulated for your hair, thus ensuring the right amount of oil is removed. Try some samples from your local pharmacy and remember, sometimes the most expensive shampoo isn’t the best for you.

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