Advantages To Using Beer Bottles

For those of you who like to drink beer there are many different ways that you can enjoy the refreshing taste. The main ways are with a beer can or beer bottles. When you are choosing your brand of beer you will notice that you have a selection of beers that are quite delicious when they have been cooled down. The bottles themselves can perhaps be regarded as being reminded of the beer type that you like.

While the majority of beer bottles are small sized – just a little larger than cans – they hold more than enough beer to quench your thirst. You will find that the colors of the glass are based on coloring that will protect the beer from degrading. The main colors you will find these beer bottles in are amber, dark green, blue and even brown. The darker glass which is used has been specially developed to ensure that the amount of sunlight which might hit the bottle is reduced.

In some cases you may find that using beer bottles is quite impractical as you need to be careful when you are handling these bottles or even moving them. Since the beer bottles are made solely from glass you will that chilling the bottle is easy but a little risky. However the risk there are lots of advantages to using beer bottles that you will not find in beer cans.

For instance in some countries these beer bottles are used as thief deterrents. This is accomplished by breaking the bottles into pieces. The broken ends are placed in the ground, walls and other places where you want security. The sharp edges which protrude out of the ground will make sure any burger that comes around will get a nasty surprise.

Now this is not the only great thing which can be found with beer bottles. Beer bottles have the advantage of being easily recyclable material. The aluminum cans on the other hand pose a greater problem. When you put your glass beer bottles for recycling you are providing the beer companies a way by which they can re-use.

The many different uses of beer bottles are apparent from the way we use them to protect our homes, take care of the environment and of course drink beer with some style. The beer bottles that you see in supermarkets all play their part in letting you choose the best method to drinking beer. Now sit back in a relaxing chair and take a long swig of chilled beer from your beer bottle and see life roll lazily by you.

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