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You should note that beers can be classified according to color, alcohol content and beer appellations.

Classification According To Beer Color

Colors can vary and may come in blond, amber, white, dark and flavored. Pretty much like wine association - one who has been quite familiar with the different types of beer, can usually associate a particular beer color to that of its corresponding flavor.

Personal preferences to a color will arise due to this association - as such will be expected to give out a particular flavor as per your experience before. One should also understand however that not in all cases should color be taken to mean only one type of flavor.

As an example, a dark beer would not usually give out that typical bitter sweet caramel flavor. And while this would mean that there would be an exception to the rule on colors and its corresponding flavor, you should admit that this makes beer drinking even more exciting. Wouldn't you want to be surprised as well to how a usual color will result to a flavor you wouldn't normally expect from such?

Beer enthusiasts can't help but be amused with the colors of beer. They can talk hours with fellow beer lovers - and not be bored about it. To them it is a character of beer that is worthy for a discussion - even a long one at that - and preferably with beer on one hand.

o Blond Beer - Color range is light blond, blond, yellow and then golden blond. These are Lager Beers or Abbey types that are filtered or with bottle conditioning. These may also be with fermentation or refermentation.

o Amber Beer - Color range is from pale amber, to amber, then to copper and finally to dark copper. These may come filtered or unfiltered - and with or without fermentation. Such are Bock Beer, Trappist and Lambiek Beer types.

o White Beer - Color range is from hazy yellow, to deep orange and then to murky amber. These have high wheat content with bottle conditioning - and may sometimes come in filtered version.

o Dark Beer - Color range is from brown to dark and then to black. These comes filtered or unfiltered - and at times with bottle conditioning. These are of the types - Abbey, Stout, Double Bock beer, Dark Lagers and the like - that comes with refermentation or without refermentation.

o Flavored Beer - Color range is from pink, then orange, then purple, to green and finally red. In such a type, a special ingredient has been added that provides for the color as well as the dominant flavor.

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