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Beer is a well loved and revered beverage that's been part of society for hundreds of years. No matter the style, beer is enjoyed by millions of people every day. The brewing of beer has remained much the same over time, but how it reaches the consumer has changed dramatically over the last century.

Regardless of style, beer is brewed essentially the same. There are subtle differences of course, but all beer has a mix of ingredients mixed and fermented by brewing experts with the help of technology. Technology has revolutionized the beer industry, not so much through brewing techniques, but packaging and transportation methods.

Canning and Bottling Beer

Bottling and canning beer became big business in the early to mid 20th century. New technologies were implemented allowing brewers to ship their beer over long distances to reach new thirsty markets. As markets changed, the brewing industry trend moved toward large regional brewers and away from small local breweries. That same consolidation trend continues today, as large brewers with big advertising budgets are better able to brand and distribute both nationally and internationally.

There's been an unfortunate trend of people drinking beer directly out of the bottle or can. While convenient, it isn't how beer was meant to be consumed. Certainly there's nothing wrong with people choosing how they want to consume their beer, but there are aspects of canned and bottled beer that are distinctly different than keg beer, which is beer produced and packaged in its natural state.

Beer is a food product, and as soon as it's produced, it begins to deteriorate. Beer will never get better than on the day it's packaged. Specifically, bottled and canned beer needs special treatment to withstand a long shelf life without refrigeration. Pasteurization, injected carbonation, and other preservatives are quite often added to bottled and canned beer. Not so with keg beer, which needs refrigeration from the day it's packaged to the day it's consumed.

Have you ever been on a brewery tour? Notice how you're served your samples at the end of the tour. The brewery wants to put its best foot forward - they want to serve you their best and give you the best impression. As a result, you're served beer directly from the keg, not from a bottle or can. That's beer in its natural state - fresh from the tap.

Here's a little experiment to try the next time you're out enjoying beer. First, enjoy your beer only from the bottle or can. Now, the next time out, drink beer only on tap (from the keg). Notice the difference in how your digestion is affected. You'll have less intestinal gas (burping!) from keg beer, as there's no additional carbonation added. The beer is smoother, mellower, and less carbonated, making for a better tasting experience.

Keg beer is the way brewers want you to experience their beer. Keg beer is natural beer, with no preservatives. Next time out, enjoy your beer directly from the tap and notice the difference.

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