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Birmingham now has so many clubs that sometimes it can seem like too much hassle to decide which one to go to at the weekend. Occasionally it’s nice just to sit down with a pint or cocktail with a group of friends and enjoy each others’ conversation without having to shout over banging music.

I have started relocating my weekend entertainment from clubs to bars and pubs instead…this is not because I am past partying - far from it. You only have to check out some of Birmingham’s funkiest drinking venues to see what you’re missing by hermitting in the same club every weekend. Here I have compiled a list of the best pub bar hangouts in Birmingham; check them out and enjoy!

Burlington Arcade, New Street (under the Burlington Hotel)

For quiet drinks and a relaxed atmosphere, Bacchus is your perfect partner. Prepare to be bowled away by the interior which is an artistic mix of Ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome with dashes of modern England. It feels a bit like you have stumbled into the house of an eccentric book character, especially the four-poster bed room and library rooms. The floors are swathed in plush carpets and the walls are adorned with Renaissance art which you can admire from your high backed chair whilst you sip your martini and stroke your beard. Not a bar for the unadventurous, Bacchus won’t suit everyone’s tastes, however if you’re looking to break the ice then this is a great – if expensive – way to do it.

The Jam House
St Pauls Square, Jewellery Quarter

If you like good music then you can’t go far wrong by visiting the Jam House. I know I said before about not wanting to have to shout to your friends over loud music but when the musical director is none other than Jools Holland, I think you can make an exception. Holland’s Rhythm & Blues orchestra frequently play at the venue along with other extremely talented musicians and singers. Inside there is a mixed crowd but mostly 30-40 somethings looking for a cultured and alternative night out in Birmingham.

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Angels Café Bar
127-131 Hurst Street

Known locally for its great atmosphere and friendly punters, Angels Café Bar is popular with both Birmingham’s gay and straight scenes. A popular venue with the DJs that play there to the lively crowd, the compliments are reciprocated from customers who rave about the quality sound system and excellent tune selection of the weekend’s tireless mixers. Weekdays are quieter and drinks are cheap, so Angels gets popular with 20-somethings and poor but classy arty types. I prefer the club at the weekends where there is more of a mixed scene but whatever day you prefer to go you can pretty much always guarantee a friendly, fashionable and open minded atmosphere.

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