Corona Has A Large International Following

While you can find many different brands of beer for Mexicans the beer from their country is well on par with the international beer scene. Of the many Mexican beer verities you will find ones which are quite popular. These are beers with which we are familiar with. These beer varieties are Corona beer, Anheuser-Busch beer varieties, Negra Modelo and others.

The largest brewery that produces beer in Mexico is that of the Grupo Modelo. The beer that is produced in this brewery is of the highest quality. The main countries where you will find Mexican beer being consumed are Canada and the US. The main brands they import are the different versions of Corona beer.

In addition to exporting Mexican beer to various customers outside of Mexico there are certain beer types that are firm favorites with the local population itself. Of these three are well known. Currently one of these domestic Mexican beer drinks has enjoyed a huge advertising campaign. This advert details the one beer that is unavailable outside of Mexico.

While there are those who may argue that they have drunk better tasting beers it can not be denied that the Mexican Beer we know as Corona has a large international following. Therefore when you feel the need to explore the other types of beer from Mexico you may want to see the different variations which can be found.

Now while drinking beer may be an activity to help you relax after a hard day you might want to see what other things can be used to spice the Mexican Beer up. At the moment you will find that lime, lemon and orange slices are the main contenders for providing your drink with a dash of the unusual. There is however a practical reason for serving a slice of citrus with the beer.

As almost all beers are made with hops and other ingredients the liquid needs to be protected. The slice of lime or lemon which is inserted into beer glasses and bottles helps to keep the hops from degrading. Even though there are some people who prefer to drink their beer warm, Mexican Beer tastes best when it has been served chilled.

The many varieties of Mexican Beer have helped place Mexico on the international spot light for quality beers. The next time that you are looking for a great tasting beer to drink try some delicious Mexican Beer. No matter what beer brand you choose you will get a sense of delicious joy as the beer slides down your throat.

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